Your first visit

We consider ourselves quite different from most other dental offices. Your first visit will most likely last approximately an hour and a half. During this time, the Dr. and Hygienist will first spend quite a bit of time understanding your priorities and goals with regard to your dental health. They will then essentially take a very thorough tour of your mouth. Now, if there is very little to discover or discuss, the hygienist may have time to perform the cleaning that day, but we often find that there is a lot to discover, and time won’t permit an equally thorough cleaning.

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The staff is always extremely friendly and exceed my expectations. They treat me like family.
— T. H. - North Ridgeville, OH

Financial Information

We understand that dental work can be expensive. Our front office team are experts at

  • maximizing your dental insurance benefits

  • finding the best options that fit your budget

  • serving as your advocate when communicating with insurance companies

  • creating customized payment plans that fit your schedule and financial abilities

We are able to offer extended payment plans, some of which are with 0% interest, through Lending Club, and CareCredit.