What sets NRFD apart?

Excellent dental care can be found everywhere. While we would love to claim that the quality of our dental work is superior to all the other dentists in the area, we have no idea if this is true. 

Instead, At North Ridgeville Family Dentistry, we take immense pride in our ability to make each and every individual who walks into our office feel welcome, respected, and important. Our team is truly a little family that our wonderful patients get to join during their visits. 

We love to smile, laugh, and learn with you, all while providing thorough and sincere dental care.

Welcome to our family.

I have absolutely dreaded going to the dentist since I was a child, and as a result, my teeth were in terrible shape. I continued to avoid dental care because of my fear. A friend from work recommended this office. Dr. Nisha suggested conscious sedation and it really worked. My teeth are better than they have been in 40 years!
— N. A. - Avon, OH

Cosmetic Smile-Makeovers

Dental Mouthpiece options for patients with sleep apnea who have difficulty tolerating a CPAP

Dental implants to replace missing teeth or to stabilize a denture

Invisible braces to correct mild/moderate tooth misalignment

  • Dental Implants to replace missing teeth or a missing tooth

  • Dental Implants to stabilize a loose fitting denture

  • Conscious Sedation for patients with extreme anxiety towards dental procedures

  • Emergency dental care

  • Advanced oral implantology